Simple online USD to CAD gas price calculator

Ever wondered what is the Canadian Dollar price of the gas or diesel you put into your car at US gas station? Do you want to know how Canadian gas prices compare to those across the US border? Here's the simple gas savings calculator to help you with that.

Use the form below to quickly convert USD per gallon to CAD per litre. Know your savings!

Today's exchange rate is: USD $1 = CAD $1.36

Please note:

On average, the gas is always cheaper in U.S. You can use this as a rule of thumb when making a decision about what side of the border you should fill up the tank on. Depending on the size of the fuel tank, the difference you save, can very well pay for the gas of a short shopping trip across the border (if you live nearby) or get you a free lunch!

Why is gas more expensive in Canada than U.S.?

The short answer is - taxes. Even though the gasoline taxes vary by state and province, the average nation wide tax is much higher in Canada. The moment you remove the taxes from the equation, he prices become comparable.