Simple CAD to USD gas price savings calculator

Are you curious what is the US Dollar price you pay for the gas or diesel when filling up at a Canadian gas station? Have you tried comparing US gas prices to those across the border? This simple online gas savings calculator is meant to help with that.

Use the form below to quickly convert CAD per litre to USD per gallon. Estimate your savings!

Today's exchange rate is: CAD $1 = USD $0.74

Quick and simple tip:

As a rule of thumb, the gas price is always more expensive in Canada. You should keep that in mind when choosing where to fill up the fuel tank of your vehicle. Depending on the size of your car (and its fuel tank) you might as well save on your short cross-border shopping trip or have a free lunch!

Why is gas cheaper in the United States, compared to Canada?

On average, the nation-wide Canadian gas price is higher than in the Unites States. Additionally, the gas prices vary notably between provinces and states, and sometimes between adjacent cities (e.g. municipal fuel tax). And the reason for this is simple - taxes. It is under each province's and state's jurisdiction to set their own tax on fuel, therefore the different prices. Once you remove this factor, the prices seem to be very comparable between the United States and Canada